Van den Berg’s technische bedrijven BV

Was founded just after the war in 1945 by two brothers, Mr. J. van den Berg and Mr. W. van den Berg. The combination of them both, being technical and commercial, resulted in a small company, who could easily react and act accordingly towards the customers’ demands.

Originally stationed at Venlo, the company relocated in 1957 to its present facility in Naarden.

In order to comply with the on growing demands from its customers being mainly aerospace related. It is stationed approximately 25 km East of Schiphol.

In juli 1986 the company became under the management of Mr. R.R. de Vries ir., and has proven itself still to keep pace with technical and technological developments and as such is able to continually provide its customers with innovative solutions. 75 years,and we can still guarantee, to be a reliable partner to its customers. BTB’s quality system is in accordance with the ISO9001, AS/EN9100 standardization and is EASA Part 21G approved.

BTB is a not just a manufacturer of quality aircraft parts, or special aircraft tooling, but is also active in reverse engineering, automotive, and semiconductor industry.

By the brothers Van den Berg

BTB maintains a modern machine park…

CNC 4 and 5 -axis. The benefits of a 5-axis machining is the machines ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up. This reduces the machinist set up time and increases production rates.
By eliminating multiple set ups, time and errors are reduced. Applications for 5-axis cnc machining are complex three dimensional profiles, as impellers and turbine blades. It is suitable for production of high tolerance parts with the highest requirements in terms of surface quality.

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Specialist in…

…Aircraft Parts and Special Tooling

Your Specialized manufacturer of High quality components and ground equipment. Experienced with unusual metals, such as ; Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy and many others