Our capabilities,

BTB is specialized in single or mid volume quantities in a range of metals and plastics.

Our long standing relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers, offer the possibility to add ; lasercutting, waterjetcutting, additive layer manufacturing solutions, also known as 3-D printing and even aviation printing.

All based on reliability in terms of quality, leadtime and flexiblility.


Turning your

Both conventional and cnc, small or bigger diameter .

AI: 270/140*750  

N.E.F. Plus: 170 710/410 * 2000 Teach Inn

Weiler: 250/160 * 500  

Emcoturn: 340/150 * 300 CNC

Emcoturn: E45 340/150 * 300 CNC


Milling, done by
cnc milling machines.

… The benefit of a 5-axis machine is the machines ability to machine complex shapes in single set up..

Deckel F1 300 * 200 * 250 Actief digitaal

Deckel FP2NC 300 * 300 * 400 CNC

Deckel FP4A 485 * 385 * 300 CNC

DMU50V 500 * 380 * 380 CNC 5 assen simultaan

DMG 50 Ecoline 500*450*400mm cnc 5 assen


Horizontal grinding,
Cylindrical grinding

… inner and outer surfaces.

Abrasive operations:

Ziers & Baltrush 200 * 600 Vlakslijpbank

Kellenberger 315 * 750 Rondslijpbank

By use of our honing machine we can guarantee precision
sizing, geometric accuracy and a highly controlled finish

Sunnen MBB1660 1.5-165 * 400 Hoon machine

Non destructive testing

FPI (Fluorescent
penetrant inspection)

Fluorescent penetrant inspection is a type of dye penetrant inspection in which a fluorescent dye is applied to the surface of a non-porous material in order to detect defects or flaws that may compromise the integrity or quality of the part in question.

The products are then brought to our climate conditioned measuring room, whereas they are checked/controlled with several measuring devices such as a 3d-cnc measuring machine.


Cutting inner splines
by use of a slotting machine

…  a CNC vertical shaper.

Cutting internal and external involute splines and serrations

Perini CMP250 250 * 400* Ø 900 Steekbank


Reverse Engineering

As the procurement of spare parts is not always that easy and mostly very expensive, BTB can assist you by reconstructing parts or tools by redevelopment. Recreating a product, which equals to the original part.


BTB can manufacture
machined parts

… and on request, assemble the whole, to deliver a complete product.


We offer welding

… by means of tig, and the possibility for aluminum welding